Ultimate Power Stack

Ultimate Power Stack
Ultimate Power Stack
Ultimate Power Stack
Ultimate Power Stack
Ultimate Power Stack
Ultimate Power Stack

Ultimate Power Stack

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  • No stimulant crash
  • Helps elevates mood
  • Enhances ATP production
  • Increases muscle endurance
  • Increases energy & strength



Pre-Load is a pre workout supplement that has been designed to enter the blood stream quickly and provide a healthy mix of ingredients to get you to your peak and keep you there. This is accomplished using the very best ingredients on the market today. These ingredients help with buffering lactic acid, increasing ATP output, improving blood flow and nutrient uptake, helping maintain a good electrolyte balance and proper hydration of cells, reducing muscle soreness, positively impacting mood, decreasing pain perception, and more.

The combination of these amazing ingredients peppered within a product that has not comprised on taste makes Pre-Load one of the very best Pre-Workout supplements on the market today.


Emrald Labs has recently introduced the best creatine supplement for those who want to enhance their strength and recovery rate. Creatine HCL is a powder product that is not only comparatively more soluble in fluids but also proven to be five times more effective than the standard creatine.

Taking creatine as a dietary supplement boosts the natural creatine stores in the body. It can, in fact, increase muscle creatine content by more than 40 percent compared to normal. It even plays a role in improving muscle growth rates.

  • Extra energy in the muscles
  • Improvement of recovery
  • Increase muscle strength


L-Taurine promises to help the body maintain electrolyte balance and proper hydration of cells. It can also manage your antioxidant function and immune system health along with increasing your ability to burn fat during exercise.

Numerous studies show that taking this supplement has helped trained athletes improve their exercise performance. Studies also show it has a role to play in reducing muscle damage such as soreness.

As it can also increase the use of fat for fuel, it is a useful aid in your journey to weight loss. Among other benefits of L-Taurine are increased energy and better digestion.

Directions for Use

Pre Load: Add 1 scoop to 200-300ml of water and consume 15 minutes before working out

Creatine HCL: Take 1 serve daily prior to workout (or as desired)

L-Taurine: 500 – 2000 mg per day