The Emrald Essentials Sample Pack

The Emrald Essentials Sample Pack

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The Emrald Essentials Sample Pack

The Emrald Essentials Sample Pack

Try the Emrald essentials in sample serves before you commit to full-sized tubs!

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  • Includes 10 Delicious Samples
  • Includes All Best Sellers
  • Ideal Starter Pack

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Always thought of trying Emrald Labs but weren't sure what to start with? 🤔 We've got you 🤍 

Try 10 outrageously delicious & easy to consume samples that we handpicked from our range. All this without having to worry about spending money on a tub you may or may not like (although we’re confident you’ll love it ;) 

What will I receive, you ask?
  • 2 x Pre-shred: Our best-selling fat burning formula
  • 2 x Pre-load: A hard-hitting pre workout formula
  • 2 x 100% Whey Protein: Our bestselling flavours, banana honey & chocolate milk 
  • 1 x collagen: To support your bone, joints and skin health
  • 1 x greens: To boost daily vitality and overall wellness
  • 1 x Mango Pre-Shred RTD can: For on-the-go energy
  • 1 x Cold Brew Can: The perfect pick me up
So, if you're new to Emrald Labs or even new to the supplements world and need a starting point - this is ideal for you! Grab one and we're sure you won't regret it! 😍

Directions to Use

Each sachet of the powdered samples is a single serve- simply mix it with 250-300ml of cold water, shake well and drink up!

  • Pre Load and Pre Shred are ideally had before you train or first thing in the morning! 
  • Collagen and Greens can be had any time in the day 
  • Whey Protein can be had as a shake or snack, either after a workout or in between meals. 
  • RTD and Cold Brews are the perfect pick me up anytime of the day for that extra energy!