Understanding anxiety & stress levels & the importance of reducing both

We’ve all suffered from anxiety and stress in our lives. For some people it’s an everyday occurrence.  For others, it’s less so. However much you suffer from these things, it all takes a toll on your body.

What many people do not realise is, that anxiety is just a fear. It’s a fear of the future, of the unknown.  People who suffer from anxiety have usually experienced some trauma in their past, and so their unconscious mind now goes into flight or fight mode. They can imagine all kinds of what if scenarios. If not kept in check, your mind can run wild with the possibilities, keeping your frozen in fear.

Clearing what is holding you back in your mind, could have an incredible affect on your anxiety and stress levels going forward. When you clear the trauma from your mind, you no longer fear the things you once did. 

Stress is similar.  When people feel overwhelmed, not good enough or feel they do not have the ability to perform in the way that they feel is expected, they can feel stressed.  Whilst some stress can be good for you, the majority of stress is not.  If you are feeling challenged, or motivated to perform, and it inspires you to work harder, then this is a good thing. Any other form of stress that occurs may not be.

So what can you do to reduce both stress and anxiety.  There are several things you can do.  Highly recommended is working with a professional NLP practitioner to help you heal the traumas from your past.  By doing this, you can significantly reduce your anxiety issues completely.  Other things that could benefit you are eating well and getting regular exercise.  Supplements is another way you could significantly reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Emrald Labs Hemp Seed Oil Extract (CBD Oil) is the newest edition to the Emrald Labs range of products. CBD oil is fast becoming a wonder supplement with many different uses and purposes.

Pain Relief/Anti-Inflammatory

Celebrating one of CBD oils greatest health benefits is it’s analgesic effects.  CBD Oil interacts with receptors in the brain and it’s been shown to reduce inflammation. It also helps alleviate pain.  The beauty of CBD oil is that it’s organic.  This means it’s much better for you than Ibuprofen or any other prescriptions anti- inflammatory meds.


There is more and more research every day that indicates CBD oil can be used for therapy.  Not just anxiety and stress, but many other mental illnesses as well. With mental illnesses affecting 1 in 4 people, and this number increasing daily, finding suitable solutions to reducing this is prevalent.  Like anything, we highly recommend doing your own research to discover the solution best suited to your needs, however, CBD oil does seem to be an increasing contributor to the reduction of these conditions.

There are many things you can do to reduce anxiety and stress levels in your life.  We recommend using natural practices and supplements rather than drugs and prescriptions provided by your doctor. 

CBD oil seems to be a way of the future.  To find out more about this product, or for any help and advice around anxiety and stress, reach out to us. We are here to serve you.

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