About Us

Emrald Labs is an Australian based and owned company that was founded in early 2018. The company was created to produce health, sports, and well-being supplements.

We began our journey in 2008, working in a local supplement store. There we were able to expand our knowledge and passion for the industry and its product offerings at a time when the market wasn’t what it is today. We often look back and reminisce over the questions we would get asked, the people we would meet, and the products we would try. During this time we were able to really understand our customer’s feelings, insecurities, hopes, wants and needs. We consider these early days the foundations of what we would later go on to do and create – opening our own supplement stores and importing and distributing products across the country.

The growth of social media would eventually skyrocket the supplement industry into the stratosphere, allowing us to seize various opportunities that may have otherwise been out of our grasp. This growth not only helped us provide customers with better products in a faster way, it also allowed customers to have a say. Feedback via comments, likes, and dislikes changed the way marketing was done, allowing manufactures and resellers to offer a customer the best experience possible. However, with this growth came many new supplements and self-proclaimed experts, saturating the market with low quality products and information. Sadly, this is something that still happens today. And to be honest, nothing makes us angrier and more frustrated. This is why we decided to launch Emrald Labs. We still believe that supplements can be incredible products, that if used correctly can positively impact a persons training and more importantly their life.

Good ingredients and information are the bedrock of our brand. We wanted to answer the concerns of our customers by offering something more. Supplements that provide the solutions that they promise. We believe that people are smart enough to discern what is beneficial and what isn’t if you provide them the tools to do so. Our promise to our customers is to listen and act, always practicing with integrity.

Our Value Proposition
Emrald Labs is a brand born from the ongoing commitment of its founders to source and utilise the best ingredients available, creating top quality supplements. For those looking to make their goals a reality it is necessary to train hard, eat well, and rest. Nothing comes easy. Anything worth while will require your all. Emrald Labs’ range of supplements have been designed to help you push through these difficult and draining moments, feeling stronger, sharper, recovered, and euphoric! Achieve incredible health and fitness results by giving your body the ingredients that it requires to break through plateaus and start performing, feeling, and looking the way you have always dreamed. Give your body the love and attention it deserves.

Emrald Labs is proud to have an official partnership with Elite Supplements Australia. Over the past few years Elite has given us the opportunity to sell our products via their website. By doing this we have been able to get our products in front of customers, which has allowed us to assess feedback and improve/develop our products. This successful partnership has helped us get things right, culminating in our very own website and improved warehouse logistics. Elite has given Emrald Labs the opportunity to grow, and for that, we will forever be eternally grateful. We will continue our partnership with Elite by offering our products on their website for the foreseeable future.