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Emrald Labs is a brand committed to creating top quality supplements by sourcing and utilising the best ingredients available. For those looking to make their goals a reality it is necessary to train hard, eat well, and rest. Nothing comes easy and anything worthwhile requires 100% commitment.

Emrald Labs’ range of supplements have been designed to help you push through these difficult and draining moments by making you feel stronger, sharper, well-recovered, and euphoric. Achieve incredible health and fitness results by giving your body the ingredients required to overcome any challenge and break through any plateau.

Sleep Aid is amazing! As someone who sometimes struggles to get quality sleep I found this product a game changer.


Emrald Labs products and Customer Service have a special professional quality to them. I love everything about the brand!


I can't recommend this brand enough. My must have supplement stack includes Pre-Shred and L-Carnitine. 


Not only offering great product but great content. I hope they keep this up. If they do they will be a force to be reckoned with in this space.


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