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  • Potent energy source
  • Decreases muscle fatigue
  • Contains antioxidant properties
  • Helps maintain electrolyte balance



What is L-Taurine and How Can it Benefit you?

Post-exercise fatigue syndrome is much complex than ordinary fatigue. It’s your exercise tolerance, which you may be able to improve with L-Taurine’s help.

Most people thought of L-Taurine as an amino acid, a building block of proteins. But it is, in fact, an amino sulfonic acid. Unlike amino acids used to build proteins, it is used for other vital bodily functions.

One of the functions of L-Taurine includes removing waste products that cause muscle burn and fatigue. Similarly, it protects your muscles from oxidative stress and cell damage. This amino acid has many crucial functions in the brain and heart, such as supporting nerve growth.

As it can protect the muscles from cell damage, L-Taurine serves as a powerhouse amino. With it, you may be able to train harder and longer than you did before. As a pharmaceutical-grade supplement, Emrald Labs ensures that L-Taurine is properly formulated and manufactured.

With that, L-Taurine promises to help the body maintain electrolyte balance and proper hydration of cells. It can also manage your antioxidant function and immune system health along with increasing your ability to burn fat during exercise.

Numerous studies show that taking this supplement has helped trained athletes improve their exercise performance. Studies also show it has a role to play in reducing muscle damage such as soreness.

As it can also increase the use of fat for fuel, it is a useful aid in your journey to weight loss. Among other benefits of L-Taurine are increased energy and better digestion.

Suggested Use
500 – 2000 mg per day

Emrald Labs L-Taurine Nutritional Panel

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