Diuretic +

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  • Soothes your stomach upset
  • Improves your liver function
  • May reduce your blood pressure
  • Regulates your body's fluid balance

Diuretic +

Diuretic +
Diuretic +
Diuretic +
Diuretic +

What Is Diuretic + & How Does It Work?

Are you feeling bloated? Do you need to lose weight fast? Diuretic+ is designed to help you shed water weight and relieve your body of all those nasty, unwanted toxins.

  • Made in Australia
  • Drop water weight fast
  • Can help to reduce muscle cramps
  • Perfect for competing & dropping weight

Diuretic+ assists in the elimination of sodium (salt), water and toxins from the body. Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime, Diuretic+ will help you lose water weight and flush out those poisonous toxins from your body.

Although its main purpose is to shed water weight from your body, Diuretic+ can assist with fat loss too! Some of the most important fat-burning ingredients are included in the Diuretic+ formula. With a combination of exercise, you will see results.

Depending on how often you consume it, Diuretic+ will last 7-20 days (if consuming every day). 

Suggested Use

Take 4 capsules per serve. Build up to 2-3 serves per day.

Emrald Labs Diuretic Nutritional Panel