1. Why is my order not applying free shipping when it’s over $50?

If you have used a discount code to depreciate the value below $50, the free shipping will not be applied.

2. Why is the free shipping not applying to my cart?

Free shipping is only applicable for AUS only.

3. Are website prices the same as instore?

All online offers and prices are valid for online purchases only. All Emarlad Labs Supplement shopfronts match online prices inclusive of freight.

4. What are specials and clearance items?

Special and clearance items may contain short dated stock or items that are being discontinued. We do not accept returns for specials and clearance items unless the product is damaged or if we've  sent the wrong item.

5. How do I apply my discount code?

One coupon/discount code can be used per purchase. To use a coupon, enter the code on the checkout page during checkout.

6. How much is delivery to me?

Delivery anywhere in Australia, for any size order, is a flat rate of $10 for standard shipping. We offer express shipping for $20. If your order totals over $50, then you receive Free Delivery (AUS Only)

7. My order has arrived but is missing a product or one of my product is damaged!

If you receive the wrong item or your order has been damaged in some way please email Info@emraldlabs.com with images and your order number and one of our customer service staff will contact you as soon as possible.

8. Do you ship internationally?

We offer a flat rate on shipping for all international orders:

New Zealand: $24.95

International: $64.95

9. Do subscription discounts apply to all orders?

Yes they do. The thing to consider is making sure that you log into your account when on the website. Only then will the discounts apply. 

NOTE: Subscription discount percentage is 10%. There are occasions where it may increase to 15% or even 20% for a specific promotion. But this will always return back to the 10% base. 

10. Can I stack/use multiple discounts on an order?

No. The maximum discount used by staked codes/deals being applied will take precedence. All other codes/discounts will be rendered void.

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    Providing individuals the tools and knowledge to build and create the healthy bodies and lifestyles that they deserve.

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    To create supplements using well researched and dosed ingredients that are designed to increase performance output and general well-being. We hope to create a special bond with our community that goes beyond seller and consumer, building well earned trust and relationships that help us create better products and overall experiences.

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    As a business, everything we do is guided by various key principles that underline our beliefs and commitments. These key principles make up our 4 core values:


We believe in doing the right thing no matter what. Honesty and transparency are crucial components of how we conduct ourselves and our business.


We believe in accepting when we make mistakes and taking responsibility for our decisions. Our businesses growth is driven by improvement which can only happen when we reflect upon our actions.


We are always striving to grow, increase, expand. Creative thoughts and ideas are the bedrock of our business strategy. We embrace and incorporate processes and technology to drive our forward-thinking.


The passion that we have for our customers and for what we do is incredibly important. It’s what allows us to work hard through any situation. It’s producing quality that reflects high standards, by loving what we do and knowing that its always about empowering and supporting people.