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  • Helps Prevent Excess Fat Storage
  • Improves Healthy Immune Function
  • Known to Promote Muscle Growth

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Weighing scales and measuring tapes can take a toll on your self-confidence, as well as your health. Luckily, Emrald Labs has just the product you’ve been looking for.

CLA combined with the right exercise regime helps promote thermogenesis (fat burning process), allowing you to burn fat and maintain muscle at the same time! 

  • Converts stored fat into lean muscle 
  • Elevates your fat metabolism 
  • Helps promote muscle growth as well 
  • Lowers risk for diseases like diabetes, heart failure etc

What is CLA and How Can it Benefit you?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA helps in the conversion of fat storage into lean muscles. It is an omega-6 fatty acid mainly found in vegetable oils. Although it is classified as trans-fat, it’s still natural and not harmful to your health, unlike industrial trans-fats.

Supplements Facts

Emrald Labs CLA Nutritional Panel

Directions For Use

Take 1 serve with each meal (3 capsules daily)


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