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A refreshing rehydration formula to restore lost electrolytes! 

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  • Restores Electrolytes Balance
  • Supports Optimal Hydration
  • Fuel for Training Athletes

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Emrald Labs Electrolytes+ is a must-have rehydration formula to restore electrolytes balance in your body!

  • Ideal after a strenuous work out or a physically demanding workday
  • Optimal hydration to fuel your physical and mental performance
  • Advanced formula to replenish electrolytes
  • OptimalSodium, Magnesium & Potassium blend
  • 4 delicious flavours and easy on the stomach

Why do we need Electrolytes+?

Electrolytes are electrically charged essential minerals and salts that our body needs for optimal functions like muscle and nerve function. These are lost during intense exercise and need to be restored for our mental and physical performance.

Emrald Labs Electrolytes+ contains Himalayan pink salt along withcoconut water powder that's packed with sodium, magnesium, potassium andcalcium - a blend that helps restore the electrolyte balance and keeps your body well hydrated!

Try this easy to consume, delicious formula that will be perfect for your next bigtraining session

Supplements Facts

Directions For Use

For optimal performance, take 1-2 serves during exercise and 1 serve post exercise. You can also add this to your favourite Amino acids or beverage.

Customer Reviews

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My favourite flavour by far. I use half the contained scoop into 1 litre of water and it works perfectly for keeping me hydrated while running around as a Courier and helps to prevent headaches in the hot summer too.