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Pre Shred

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Pre Shred

Pre Shred

Our best-selling fat burner will help you smash your shred goals. 

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Product Highlights

  • Improved Productivity & Focus
  • Research Backed Fat Burning Formula
  • Clean Energy & No Caffeine Crash

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Emrald Labs Pre Shred is a formulation we are most proud of. Backed by years of research, it has become one of the most reliable pre workouts in the supplement industry.

You can now wave a BIG hello to extreme focus & clean energy!

  • Boosts metabolism and supports fitness goals
  • Improves overall energy levels
  • Curbs unwelcomed food cravings
  • Enhancesmental focus and overall mood
  • Provides clean energy and none of the crash or jitters!

If that didnt entice you enough, our flavours sure will. Carefully chosen after numerous customer surveys, we came up with our 8 delicious flavours that areloved by people Australia-wide.

So what does a tub of Pre Shred consist and how will each ingredient help?

L-Carnitine: Promotes thermogenesis and increases fat metabolism

L-Tyrosine:Helps speed up theproduction of thyroid hormones that directly regulate our metabolism and appetite. It also helps deal with stressful situations.

Caffeine:Activates both our mental & physical state to increase productivity.

L-Theanine:Reduces anxiety and induces a sense of relaxation in the body.

Green Tea Extract: An antioxidant known to have numerous health and fitness benefits

A full panel of our ingredients can be found in the supplement facts.

So get your hands on a tubTODAY and kickstart your fitness journey! If youre confused about which flavour to pick or just about anything else, reach out to us via our chat box or email- wed love to hear from you!


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