Waxy Maize

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  • Fuels intense workouts
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves strength & stamina
  • Reduces fatigue & exhaustion

Waxy Maize

Waxy Maize
Waxy Maize
Waxy Maize

What is Waxy Maize and How Can it Benefit you?

It’s no secret that energy is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. It supports the body’s external activities of the body, fuels its internal functions, and builds and maintains body tissues and cells. So, when feeling easily tired and lethargic, Emrald Labs’ Waxy Maize can give you the right amount of energy you need to remain productive every day.

Waxy Maize is the ideal source of carbohydrate for an easily accessible energy supply so you can feel active and achieve more of your health and fitness goals. It is a high-quality carbohydrate and can be quickly absorbed by the body, which can lead to a faster glycogen uptake than other short-chained carbohydrates, making it a fantastic source of energy, especially for sudden, strenuous activities. When used before, during, and after workout or training, it can help extend endurance and promote recovery.

One of the common issues that many bodybuilders, athletes, and sports enthusiasts have to deal with after an intense training is fatigue and exhaustion. This is why Waxy Maize can be a valuable solution by quickly providing nutrients and protein to the body to improve recovery time and boost endurance while minimizing fatigue. The carbohydrate powders work by delivering a sufficient source of energy, so you can perform more and better every time.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits you can reap with Waxy Maize:

  • Increased levels of energy every day
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced fatigue and exhaustion
  • Fuels intense workouts
  • Improved strength and stamina

Suggested Use
Mix one scoop during training with 400-600ml of water. Mix an additional scoop post training with favourite protein powder.

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