100% Whey Protein Sample Pack

100% Whey Protein Sample Pack

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100% Whey Protein Sample Pack

100% Whey Protein Sample Pack

Our mouth-watering 100% Whey Protein in a convenient sample pack so you can try- before you buy!

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  • 6 Sample Serves Per Box
  • Flavours Subject To Availaibilty
  • Perfect In-between Meals Snack

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We get it- It's tough committing to a protein powder before trying it! Even though we can claim with 100% confidence that our 100% Whey Protein is the most delicious protein you'll ever taste, but we are here with our sample pack to give you a choice to try - before you buy! ;) 

Note: Sample flavours/quantity may vary depending on availability. Please reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions.

With an amazing blend of Whey Protein Isolate & Whey Protein Concentrate + Glutamine, our 100% Whey is the ideal post workout nutrition to speed up recovery and build lean muscle mass. It's also a perfect low calorie snack between meals to fight off cravings and keep your body fuelled.

Hitting your daily protein goals with Emrald Labs 100% Whey helps to:

Build lean muscle 
A high protein diet, especially when combined with strength training, can help you build muscle. This also aids in a healthy metabolism and energy production.

Maintain health & wellness 
100% whey protein aids with overall health and recovery and also acts as a a healthy snack.

Achieve fitness goals: Maintaining a diet high in protein can help to support a healthy metabolism and reduce your appetite. This can be a great way to help you achieve specific fitness goals while maintaining muscle in the process.

Emrald Labs 100% Whey protein Samples are available in the following flavours, but your flavours will depend on stock availability at the time. 

Cereal Milk 🥣

- Lime Splice 🥛 

Cookies & Cream 🍪

Salted Caramel 🍮

Strawberries & Cream 🍓

Vanilla Crème 🍦

Supplements Facts

Emrald Labs Whey Protein Nutritional Panel

Directions For Use

Take 1-2 scoops post training with 300ml of cold water. You can take an additional serve between meals which help enhance recovery!


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