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Emrald Labs 5-HTP helps tackle stress, depression & anxiety, in an all-natural way! 

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  • Manages Stress & Anxiety
  • Promotes Good Quality Sleep
  • Appetite Suppressant

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5 HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan is an Amino Acid that is naturally produced by the body and aids in the elevation of serotonin levels. Also known as one of the happy hormones, Serotonin regulates our mood and enhances feelings of happiness and well being. 

How will this benefit you? 

  • Provides a feeling of fullness and acts as an appetite suppressant 
  • Improves overall mood and helps with stress management 
  • Improves serotonin levels in the body and helps deal with depression 
  • Reduces the possibility of getting migraines
  • Helps with Fibromyalgia- a chronic syndrome triggered by stress that causes muscle pain 

    5-Hydroxytryptophan, also known as Oxitriptan, is often manufactured from the seeds of Griffonia simplicifolia, an African plant used for diseases wherein serotonin plays a vital role. Being a neurotransmitter in the nervous system, it regulates: 

    • Mood 
    • Behaviour 
    • Appetite 
    • Sleep 
    • Memory 

    So if you've gone through days of gloom, anxiety, sleeplessness or stress eating, 5-HTP is a great addition to your stack to help you tackle these problems in an all-natural way! 


      Supplements Facts

      5HTP Nutritional Panel

      Directions For Use

      It is recommended that you take 1 capsule three times a day on an empty stomach, or 3 capsules before bed.


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