Recover Aid

Recover Aid

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Recover Aid

Recover Aid

One of the best recovery formulas on the market, Recover Aid will help you alleviate muscle soreness and accelerate post-training recovery!

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  • Premium BCAA's Formula
  • Ideal 2:1:1 Amino Acid Ratio
  • Supports Optimal Recovery

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Formulated with Branched Chain Amino Acids, Recover Aid does exactly what the name suggests- Helps you recover faster after that strenuous day of exercise so you can come back stronger! ūüí™

  • Accelerates muscle recovery and growth
  • Improves endurance and training performance¬†
  • Reduces lactic acid build-up to combat muscle soreness¬†

Recover Aid is a premium recovery blend formulated through years of research and includes only the highest quality sourced ingredients. 

  • L-leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine:¬†The ideal 2:1:1 ratio helps improve muscle growth and combat fatigue¬†
  • L-Taurine¬†helps maintain electrolyte balance in the body¬†
  • L-Tyrosine¬†speeds up the production of thyroid hormones, regulates appetite and helps in stress management¬†

Check out the supplement facts for a full breakdown of ingredients. 

While we ensured Recover Aid was the best of its kind in the market, we did not want to compromise on taste.¬†Choose one (or more ūüėČ) from the 6 absolutely delicious flavours and experience it for yourself!

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Directions For Use

To consume the product, mix 1 scoop of Recover Aid with about 600ml to 1 litre of water between meals and during your workout.


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