Creatine HCL Twin Pack

Creatine HCL Twin Pack

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Creatine HCL Twin Pack

Creatine HCL Twin Pack

5x times stronger than standard Creatine, Emrald Labs Creatine HCL will help you maximise your training performance! Stack & save when you buy two. 

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Product Highlights

  • No Bloating or Water Retention
  • Superior to Regular Creatine
  • Enhanced Strength & Energy Output

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Bundle and save when you buy a Creatine HCL Twin Pack!

Emrald Labs Creatine HCL is not like any regular creatine due to it’s 5x stronger concentration and effectiveness. Formulated to enhance your strength and recovery, this supplement will give you all the benefits of creatine but without the bloating or water retention! 

    • Enhanced strength gains and muscle strength 
    • Improved recovery and training tolerance
    • No water retention or bloating
    • Easily soluble and 5x stronger than standard creatine

Supplements Facts

Emrald Labs Creatine HCL Nutritional Panel

Directions For Use

It is recommended to take one serve of the supplement daily before working out.