Pre Shred RTD

Pre Shred RTD

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Pre Shred RTD

Pre Shred RTD

The lightly sparkled & fully delicious Pre Shred ready-to-drink can will give you instant energy, without the caffeine crash!

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Product Highlights

  • Helps Shred Unwanted Stubborn Fat
  • Convenience in a Can
  • Helps Regulate Appetite & Mood
  • Increases Mental Focus

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Emrald Labs Pre Shred RTD's are FINALLY here and ready to take the industry by storm! 

Pre Shred has been deemed as the most delicious and reliable fat burner in the Australian supplement market. It is known to boost energy, focus and mood-without the caffeine crash.

You can now consume it on-the-go with our newest formulation in two delicious flavours, Watermelon & Mango. An absolute convenience in a can, it will help you burn fat anywhere, anytime! 

  • Enhance mood, focus and energy 
  • Shred unwanted stubborn fat 
  • Sugar-free deliciousness in a can (no evil aftertaste) 
  • Super convenient- use it anywhere, anytime! 

What is included in a Pre-shred RTD can?

  • Caffeine: Acts as natural stimulant for the brain that helps to stay alert and fight fatigue 
  • L-carnitine: Increases fat metabolism by helping the body burn stored fatty acids as energy 
  • L-tyrosine: Helps to improve mood, focus and attention and is also known to regulate mood

Suggested use

It can be consumed any time of the day, pre workout or otherwise!

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Directions For Use

It can be consumed any time of the day, as the perfect pick-me-up drink!


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